Friday, May 11, 2012

how important education is to me

education is important to me. The reason why is because it will help me latter in life. I do not like getting low grades and when i do it makes me a little upset but i get over it. I believe that everyone should go through education so then they can handle the world outside of where they live.

Monday, May 7, 2012

my earliest memory

my earliest memory that i can remember was when i went to the Boston domb theater. This was a really cool experience tthat i have never experienced before. I remember we saw a preview of king Kong and it seriously felt like we were falling off the building with king kong when he was falling. it was awesome. I have many more memories but this is one that i remember the most.

my favorite movie Day 16

hmmm My favorite movie is courageous. The reason why is because it points back to God. I also like this movie because it leaves you in suspense alot.

Another movie that is also my favorite is Facing the Giants. This movie as well brings you back to God. It states that nothing is possible with him. This movie is about a football team that was not good at playing football and when they changed their way of thinking and trusted in God they started wining games. They eventualy got to a really big team that was three times theirs and won.

if i could go back in history and eat with someone

if i could go back in history i would want to meet either Sebastion Bach or Beetoven. The reason why i say this is because the are very famous musicans. Their peices that they created were a great work. The meal that i would eat with them would be fettacini alfredo.

Friday, May 4, 2012

super power Day 14

Have you ever wonder if you could have a super power what would it be. I know i have. I think the super power i would like to have would be invisability. It would be so cool to be invisable. You can sneak up on someone and either scare them or listen in to what they are saying. Another power that i would love to have is being able to fly. I would love to fly because you would be free from this earth and travel faster and it would just be cool

Signifigant memories from my Childhood Day 13

here are just a few of my significant memories. One thing that i remember is that i remember going to my aunts house down in Rhode Isalnd. We had gone kayaking, we swam in the ocean, we rode bikes for 10 miles, and we made fried ice crea.

Another memory that i have was when i went to my first outdoor school with my school. When i went i chose to go canoeing. that was a lot of fun. I also got to meet alot of new friends there.

Another memory that i have is going to music clinic. Music clinic is where a whole bunch of schools get together and either play or sing. This goes on for 3 days and the finally is awesome.

i have many many more but this is all i am going to tell you for now.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

One thing i would most like being great at

One thing that i wish i was great at is my violin. The reason why i say this is because i would love to be a professional, but for right now i would love to play more advanced songs.
Another thing that i would love to be great at is the piano. I love playing the piano and i wish i could read the base cleft notes so then i can play advanced music.